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Sexual addiction/Pornography Addiction

Men and women may find themselves trapped in compulsive sexual behaviors that they can not stop. If you are dealing with an escalating obsessive preoccupation with sexual behaviors or fantasies; you’ve tried to stop your involvement with pornography, hookup apps, strip clubs, cybersex, prostitution, or similar behaviors; or you’re experiencing negative consequences due to the out-of-control behaviors we are here to give you a specialized treatment plan. Sexual addiction is a complex intimacy disorder. Trauma and shame are core underlying issues of sexual addiction. You will find this a safe place, to be honest, understood, break free of the bondage of these compulsions, and begin to realize healthy intimacy and connection. It is important to be assessed and treated by a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT).

Betrayed Partners

If your world has been devastated by your loved one’s sexual infidelity or addiction, first and foremost, know that you don’t have to walk this journey alone. You may be isolated and too ashamed to share your pain with friends or family. You maybe experiencing signs and symptoms of PTSD due to the shock and shattering of trust. Your emotions maybe deep extreme swings of anger, rage, anxiety, fear, to sadness, disbelief, self-blame, confusion, and hopelessness. Betrayal is a complex experience that has shifted your life’s security. This is a safe place to break your isolation and find understanding and help in grieving your betrayal, recovering yourself, and moving beyond this crisis into resiliency, healthy intimacy, and thriving relationship.

Charis Counseling Center

Group Therapy by Healing Path Workshop

Healing Path Workshop is a 13 week intense therapeutic recovery group to encourage, empower, and equip individuals impacted by sexually compulsive and obsessive behaviors of others. Our purpose is to break isolation and bring hope and understanding to partners and their relationships. In Healing Path groups you will find confidentiality….a safe atmosphere for complete honesty, acceptance….a warm and caring place where you can identify and grow with others sharing similar feelings and struggles, real relationships….open, honest, authentic connections with others as you understand the grieving process, navigate triggers, name and express emotions, learn to set boundaries, consider forgiveness, learn about your story and come to trust yourself, and examine true intimacy.

All under the guidance of CPTT Certified Therapist, Wendy Pocock.

Individual Counseling

Each of us carries a unique story. Being able to tell and understand the messages from our story can bring us to new, healthy ways of living and building relationships. At Charis Counseling Center, we help individuals find freedom from depression and anxiety, freedom from past trauma and abuse, freedom from the bondage of addiction, and freedom to live wholeheartedly in the present.

Finding the authentic, God-mage “you” is worth the journey

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes marriages erupt in crisis and sometimes they slowly erode into distant, meaningless disappointment. No matter the extent of struggle or brokenness, at Charis Counseling Center, we work to bring healing and restoration through sound psychological therapies and biblical principles. Our primary model of counseling is Emotionally Focused Therapy. Based on over twenty years of research, this model has been called a “theory of love.”. It teaches couples how to have safe emotional conversations and build a secure attachment to each other. In sessions, you will understand how you and your partner have developed ‘a dance of relating”. Through guided conversations with the counselor, you will experience a transformation in how to connect with each other and ways of communicating honestly and effectively. Couples will finally know the mystery of creating and maintaining intimacy in emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical ways. A recent large analysis of the best studies available showed that when using Emotionally Focused Therapy for counseling, 70-73% of the couples recovered from marital distress, and 90% were significantly improved.

Discover how to change your dance!

Charis Counseling Center

Infidelity And Betrayal

Have you discovered your partner’s inappropriate sexual behaviors? We're here to assist you in making a rational decision rather than an emotional one to end a marriage. Our counselors are ready to walk you through the hard discussions of honesty, trust, forgiveness, accountability, and reconciliation.


Divorce may make us feel like a failure, unworthy, out of place in society, making it difficult to co-parent. We're here to assist you through that challenging procedure. Our professionals will assist you in recovering from your painful divorce and rebuilding a bright future.

Charis Counseling Center

Premarital Counseling

We provide a high-quality premarital counseling program based on preparing/enriching inventory material. Before you say "I do," we want to assist you and your partner understand the crucial factors of developing a healthy connection in your relationship. You will gain critical communication skills and create a welcoming environment where you may seek help if problems emerge in your relationships.


Depression And Anxiety

A variety of factors may cause anxiety and depression. It is frequently necessary to seek the help of a qualified counselor to overcome these troubling emotions through counseling and possibly medication. Our experts can meet you and lead you to peace and hope.