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Life’s challenges often require the guidance and knowledge of a counseling professional, who has the training and experience to help you navigate through relational struggles, marriage problems, individual challenges and brokenness, betrayal…..emotionally or sexually, childhood or adult abuse, past or present trauma experiences, anxiety/depression, divorce, parenting issues and family conflict, or recover from grief and loss.

Butterfly, Charis Counseling Center, Charlotte, NC

Specializing in helping Sex Addicts/Pornography Addicts and their Partners

Charis Counseling Center specializes in helping couples and individuals who are facing the confusion and pain caused by sexually compulsive behaviors or sexual and emotional betrayal in their relationship.  At Charis Counseling Center, we offer individual, couples, and group therapy in working through the devastation of sexual addiction.  A Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT), the founder, Wendy Pocock, offers years of training and experience in assisting the partners of sexually addicted people to  recover from the trauma of betrayal.  The Healing Path Workshop is an intense 13-week therapy group that will transform partners who are searching for someone who understands.  Her passion is to see couples restored through the journey of recovery.


Counselor Wendy Pocock, MACC, LPC, CSAT.         Wendy founded Charis Counseling Center in 2011. Her desire is to help people know “charis”….the Greek word for grace.  The grace of God in the midst of their internal struggles, and grace in the midst of their struggles with others.

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