What people have said………………….              17419542-believe in sand

             “When it comes to Wendy, it seems God has given her the ability to peer into the hearts of people and help them heal from the inside out.  She has a gift and I’ve had a front row seat to see her grace others with it.”                                                                                                           Pastor Andrew Smith…….at The Gathering                                                                                                                         

            “Wendy’s knowledge in the area of sexual addiction and marital counseling is unsurpassed.  While it is God alone who heals, we believe that He also uses His people; people such as Wendy Pocock, to walk with those seeking to recover from their own brokenness.  We have had the opportunity to share a significant part of our lives with Wendy.  We’ve laughed with her, cried with her, and sometimes been frustrated with her.  However, in the end, we are able to clearly see that Wendy’s deepest desire is for healing and restoration.  We not only consider Wendy our counselor, we also consider her a fellow sister in Christ.”   A.R. & J.R.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

17419555-hope in sand

          “We came to Wendy as a broken couple, devastated by the effects of sexual addiction.  Wendy provided hope as she counseled us over a period of 18 months…helping us work through our past in order to confront our current circumstances.  Her approach and skillfulness in this area is simply amazing.  Through both individual and couples counseling, as well as through The Healing Path Workshop, Wendy helped us rebuild intimacy with God and each other.  All of these methods of support during a critical time were profoundly beneficial in processing through the grief and loss of a shattered marriage.  Wendy’s counseling sessions were very challenging, yet the struggle and pain we felt were countered with compassion and grace.  Wendy helps expose the ugliness of sexual addiction and helps the addict and partner overcome its power by breaking the cycle of isolation.”     — anonymous

             “It is a privilege to express our deepest gratitude and recommendation for Wendy Pocock and the Charis Counseling Center.  Wendy is an amazing gifted counselor who works for the healing and restoration in the lives of her clients.  Through her own experience, wisdom, and guidance, coupled with a strong biblical approach, Wendy walked with us as we began our own process of healing and restoration.”          L.G. & P.G.

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          “Wendy is a counselor who has sincerely committed herself to helping people taste freedom in their relationships with each other, with God, and with themselves.  She has helped my wife and I much and we are truly grateful for Wendy and her gift to the church.                                                                                                          My wife asked me to start coming with her to see Wendy. I was hesitant..”What is a woman going to teach me about our relationship..let alone my own life,”  I thought.  Little did I know that Wendy was actually the instrument the LORD was going to use in my life to help me understand my wife better and also help me acknowledge and face my deep sin issues.  I have a strong personality, and Wendy was not afraid to meet me head on and challenge me where I needed challenging.  Her love and concern for us as a couple was always evident.  Wendy’s cunning intuition, patience, maturity, breadth of experience, intentionality, compassion, biblical knowledge, and discernment all play into her counseling style.”        jonathan

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