After Betrayal:  Help,  Hope,  Healing.

If your world has been shattered by sexual betrayal due to infidelity or sexual addiction, first and foremost, know you don’t have to walk this journey alone. There is help as you begin to recover from the shock and develop a plan for healing.



                                    The Healing Path Workshop:  A Group for Partners of Sex Addicts

Healing Path Workshop is a therapy and recovery group to encourage, empower, and equip individuals impacted by sexually compulsive and obsessive behaviors of others.   Our purpose is to break isolation and bring freedom and understanding to partners and their relationships.

There is Hope:
Healing Path groups exist to help women and men face the trauma and confusion of sexual betrayal. It is a safe place to meet for healing, encouragement,  and community.

You will experience:
Confidentiality………….absolute commitment to a safe atmosphere for complete honesty.
Acceptance……….an atmosphere of warmth and love where you can identify and grow with others                                                                                                                        sharing similar feelings and struggles.
Real Relationships…………open, honest, and authentic connections with others that will bring an                                                                                                                                            understanding of true intimacy.

From a spouse:  “I recently completed the Healing Path Workshop.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience.  Every person who has been affected by a sex addict should take this workshop! I began the workshop as a sad, broken woman defined by my husband’s addiction. But I completed the workshop as a strong and emotionally healthy person able to thrive despite my husband’s addiction.  Wendy is incredibly knowledgeable and I cannot thank her enough for the wisdom she so graciously and compassionately taught me.  I will never be the same.”



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