Marriage Counseling

Sometimes marriages erupt in crisis and sometimes they slowly erode into distant, meaningless disappointment.  No matter the extent of struggle or brokenness, at Charis Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC we work to bring healing and restoration through sound psychological therapies and biblical principles. Our primary model of counseling is Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Based on over twenty years of research, this model has been called a “theory of love.”  It teaches couples how to have safe emotional conversations and build a secure attachment to each other.  In sessions, you will understand how you and your partner have developed “a dance of relating.”  Through guided conversations with the counselor, you will experience a transformation how connect with each other and ways of communicating honestly and effectively.

Couples will finally know the mystery of creating and maintaining intimacy in emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical ways.  A recent large analysis of the best studies available, showed that when using Emotionally Focused Therapy for counseling, 70-73% of the couples recovered from marital distress and 90% were significantly improved.

Discover how to change your dance!


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