woman1Here to Offer Help & Hope: 

Life’s challenges often require the guidance and knowledge of a counseling professional, who has the training and experience to help you navigate through relational struggles, difficult situations, recover from grief and loss, find relief from anxiety and depression, or intervene in a crisis.

 At Charis Counseling Center, I provide general counseling for individuals and couples, as well as groups.

Much of my work is focused on serving and advocating for those wounded by relational betrayal and addiction. If you’re a partner of a sex addict, you’ve found a safe place of hope and encouragement, where you can recover from the shame and heal from the trauma.

If  you’re a couple seeking help for the journey of healing and restoration from the brokenness of sexually compulsive or addictive behaviors, you’ve just taken an important healing step by reaching out for the information and support you need to restore your relationship.

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